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Care The Genset More in Winter - from Powerfriend

Good quality Silent Generator Set for sales
Good quality Silent Generator Set for sales
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good morning rogers! today generator in action! quiet and high quality electricity! Tell greetings to everyone at your factory, good generator and Deutz motor! I've been in a hurry, farming with work, plowing! fields ready for spring 2020! it is snowing and after the frost, may Jarmo again in the field! regards, Jarmo!

—— Jarmo

Dear Karen, very happy to cooperate with you. The IVECO gensets are wonderful!

—— Sam(Mali)

مرحبا المبتسم، كيف حالك؟ لطيفة للعمل معكم ونحن شكرا جزيلا لك دعم على موقعنا على مولد الأعمال لك.

—— Adel Benhamadi(Lybia)

Hi Karen, we are happy to work with you and satisfied with the quality of Genset.

—— Alex(Russia)

We like your portable generators, not just because of the good price, but also the quality and service. And very fast delivery. Well done!

—— Sharon(Philippines)

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Care The Genset More in Winter - from Powerfriend

Care The Genset More in Winter - from Powerfriend


When winter comes, the temperature drops sharply! Do you check the antifreeze of your diesel engine?


Antifreeze, commonly known as atantifreeze coolant, meaning that the coolant is also antifreeze. Relative to city water, antifreeze has the following significant advantages:


* First of all,while the water will be frozen at 0 ℃,the freezing point of antifreeze is much lower than 0 ℃, we can choose the specifications of antifreeze (25 ℃, 35 ℃, 60 ℃, etc.)according to the engine using the environment, the antifreeze can effectively prevent radiator and engine pipe damage due to the expansion of cooling fluid frozen in the cold winter.



* Second, the boiling point of antifreeze is 20 ℃ higher than water, it‘s less volatile, better viscosity, and better thermal stability, is an ideal coolant.


* Third, the engines and engine cooling systems are made of metal, copper, iron, aluminum, steel and solder.

If these materials are exposed to high temperature water for a long time, they will be corroded and rusted sooner or later.

The antifreeze won't cause any corrosion, but helps the engine and cooling system s away from corrosion and rust."


Kinly remind from PowerFriend: 

We recommend using organic antifreeze, and replace each 2000 hours or 2 years(according to which one achieve first),

Antifreeze's freezing point should be 10 ℃ lower than the minimum temperature,

Please add antifreeze properly to avoid damage to the engine according to the environment.


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