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"ES" Super Silent Type Generators for home use

May 29, 2019

We are pleased to introduce our "ES" type Portable Diesel Generator to you. 


This canopy is suitable for power from 5kva to 7kva, with Single Cylinder Diesel Engine, 186FAE, 188FAE, 190FE, 192FAGE, etc. 


Thickness of Canopy: No less than 1.5mm 

Paiting: Power Paiting 

Silent Sponge: Thick and aniti-fire sponge 

Doors: Two Big doors on the two sides

Wheels: Two Universal wheels and two standard wheels 

Frequency: 50hz or 6hz

Phase: single phase or three phase 

ATS: ATS is optional 


This type is widely used for homes, shops, Villas, outdoor actiiries, parties, etc.  

Welcome to send email to us if you are looking for a low noise and reliable quality Generator:


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