How to Extend the Life of Engine

April 28, 2019

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How to Extend the Life of Engine


Follow the recommended procedure below to get the best performance from the engine life:


• Avoid fuel spills.

The fuel will expand when heated. Fuel may overflow from the fuel tank. Check the fuel line for leaks. Perform the required repairs to the fuel line.

• Know the characteristics of different fuels.

Use only the recommended fuel.

• Avoid unnecessary idling.

Stop the engine instead of running for a long time.

• Frequently observe the air filter maintenance indicator.

Keep the air filter element clean.

• Maintain the electrical system.

A bad battery will overwork the alternator. This will consume extra power and fuel.

• Make sure the drive belt is adjusted correctly.

The drive belt should be in good condition.

• Make sure all hoses are tightly connected.

The joint should not leak.

• Make sure that the driven device is in good condition.

• The cold engine consumes extra fuel.

Use as much heat as possible from the water jacketing system and the exhaust system. Keep the cooling system components clean and well maintained. Never run an engine without a water temperature regulator. All of these items will help keep the operating temperature.



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